Out Of Home Advertising

Out of home advertising is growing quickly thanks to technological advancements & target capabilities. As a complement to digital and broadcast channels, or as the flagship of your campaign, Kingstar Media can build you the best outdoor strategy to reach your audience where they work, live, travel and shop.

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Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)

With more than 15,000 digital screens in Canada, DOOH is quickly becoming a staple in most advertising budgets. Offering the ability to target customers by behaviour, time of day, or day of the week, it's an efficient medium to drive response and fuel top-of-funnel growth. Creatively, the costs are minimal as they require no printing or placement costs.

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More Services

Kingstar Media uses a variety of marketing strategies to help advertisers promote their products and scale their brands. We specialize in effective media buying services that cater to the unique advertising needs of different businesses.

TV Ads TV Ads

TV Advertising

Direct response television advertising (DRTV) is TV advertising that encourages a customer to directly engage with an offer, whether that be by calling in or pressing a button.

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TV Ads

Digital Media

Equipped with over 25 years of combined digital marketing experience, we provide businesses with effective digital marketing solutions.

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Digital Media

Radio Advertising

Kingstar purchases direct response radio media from hundreds of licensed AM and FM radio stations in Canada along with many syndicated radio opportunities. Specializing in short form and long form radio buying and PI campaigns.

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Radio Ads

Connected TV

Our media buying team helps clients reach desired markets through our targeted DRTV media buying services, ensuring the budget and messaging are focused on individuals most likely to purchase.

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Out Of Home


Quantifying how much online activity is generated by offline advertising is key to ensuring the success of client campaigns and provides crucial information that will impact future spend.

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Out Of Home