What is direct response advertising?

Direct response advertising is a style of advertising that connects directly with a consumer by prompting immediate engagement with an offer. This style of advertising is different from general marketing, as it doesn’t focus on raising brand awareness. Instead, it focuses on creating an intimate relationship with a lede that evokes a reaction.


How does direct response advertising work?

This marketing strategy is designed to prompt an action, whether that be a purchase, web view, or phone call. This is most commonly known as a call to action. A direct response advertisement will provide the context and means necessary for a consumer to act upon an offer. Direct response advertising tends to include various calls to action such as URLs, phone numbers, emails, and/or forms.


Is TV advertising still relevant for large-scale awareness?

TV advertising remains the best way to generate brand awareness in Canada. As a direct response media buying agency, we provide short-term, long term and French DRTV advertising solutions. We suggest a direct response option based on the type and length of the message that a brand wants to distil. This is the perfect solution for top-of-funnel awareness.


Is radio advertising a good option for reaching Canadians?

If your brand’s target demographic includes casual or avid radio listeners, consider investing in radio media advertising. Kingstar Media offers radio media buying services to help brands reach the 91% of Canadians who listen to the radio each week. If this is where your market is, consider how our radio advertising services can help you reach your audience. We also offer digital audio buying on Spotify, Soundcloud and custom podcast integrations.

Targeted: Can media buying be a well-targeted advertising solution for businesses?

Professional media buying efforts will help you to reach your targeted audience on the media devices they engage with most frequently. Kingstar Media uses performance marketing to create advertising solutions that are targeted and unique to a brand’s desired customer. We can target campaigns based on a demographic’s age, lifestyle, location etc.


Measurable: How are the results of performance-focused marketing solutions measured? Are they based on engagement metrics like clicks and watch times?

Direct response advertising allows businesses and advertisers alike to effectively measure the results of a targeted campaign. This helps decision-makers to accurately identify the successful parts of their campaign. Access to this information helps businesses to maximize marketing spend and allocation for return on investment. Kingstar Media offers analytic services like direct response reporting & advertising measurement to help you measure your campaigns.


Scope: How can I insure my brand is present across all of the channels that are most relevant to my target audience?

Traditional and digital media is consumed at an alarming rate, which means it’s essential for your business to target the channels specifically used by your desired target audience (and when). Kingstar Media specializes in various platforms to help businesses target and reach various demographics.


Canadian: Does Kingstar Media execute marketing strategies that are unique to the Canadian market?

Kingstar Media has a strong grasp of the Canadian market and, as a result, is able to optimize media solutions for businesses that are looking to expand their reach to Canada. We create effective marketing solutions as a result of our deep understanding of regional demographics and our long-standing relationships with Canadian media channels.


Relevance: Does Kingstar Media react to media which is constantly changing and evolving?

At Kingstar Media, we are constantly adapting to the media’s always-changing landscape to suit the evolving needs and habits of consumers.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the strategy of utilizing social media platforms to generate brand awareness and generate sales for a brand. This type of marketing utilizes various elements, including video, branding and engagement across a wide range of digital platforms.


Why is Social Media Marketing Important to Your Business?

When looking to set your brand apart from similar businesses that are present on social platforms, establishing an online presence of your own is vital. Social presence allows businesses to directly reach their followers and create a community. There are very few digital marketing campaigns that do not include Facebook or Instagram in one form or another. Both platforms are conducive to creative storytelling and innovative promotion of products.


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the act of optimizing your brand’s online presence (content, website, etc.) with the intent of ranking high on a search engine’s results page.


Why is SEO Important to Your Business?

SEO is important to your business because it increases your visibility and helps both current and potential customers find you. If your company isn’t ranking on Google, chances are your biggest competitor is. Users at the final stage of their buying journey utilize Google as a gateway to find the product or service they are ready to purchase. According to Google, 28% of local searches result in a searcher making a purchase.


What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising refers to the advertising you find on websites, ads or social media. Display advertising comes in different formats ranging from audio to video to images to text.


Why is Display Advertising Important to Your Business?

Display advertising is important because it is constantly evolving and incorporating new formats like video and audio; formats that are proven to entice engagement. This style of advertising has specifically seen great success on mobile. Display advertisements are visually appealing, enticing, create visibility, and can be targeted effectively.


What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising refers to paid advertisements that suit the nature of the platform where they appear. This type of advertisement is commonly seen on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. A native advertisement is meant to boast the same format and function of the platform where it is placed and is meant to generate general awareness.


Why is Native Advertising Important to Your Business

Native advertising builds a large retargeting pool and is ideal for the top of funnel awareness. Kingstar Digital will include all of the sponsored content for free. The only thing that the advertiser needs to pay for is the media cost! This style of advertising has specifically seen great success on mobile. Display advertisements are visually appealing, enticing, create visibility, and can be targeted effectively.


Why is Influencer Marketing Important to Your Business?

Influencer marketing is an effective way of reaching users on their OTT devices. It allows potential customers to learn about a brand or product not from the company itself, but from a source they relate to and trust.

The reality is that influencers are able to create marketing content on the platform for free — businesses just pay for the reach (or following) that an influencer has built over time.


What is Pre Roll Video?

Pre-roll video refers to a video advertisement that a viewer is exposed to before they are able to view the content they’ve selected. This most commonly is seen through YouTube ads.


Why is Pre Roll Video Important to Your Business

Youtube provides the "TV experience" to a more targeted audience and features a CPA optimization tool that ensures the budget is focused on ROI. Kingstar Digital has years of data on proven interest targets for advertisers in multiple demographics on Youtube.
Kingstar Digital offers all of these digital marketing services, plus so much more! Contact us today to see why Kingstar Digital is widely considered to be one of the top digital marketing companies in Canada.


Digital advertising for custom online campaign

Statista reports that Canadian digital ad spend reached 4.12 billion U.S. in 2016, and is projected to reach 7.44 billion by 2021. These numbers are on an upward trajectory as businesses increasingly make the shift to digital advertising formats.

Our agency offers various digital marketing services to help brands expand their presence online and through digital media channels. We are a content-driven agency that will create a personalized campaign to help improve your business’s digital presence and reach. Like TV, our digital media strategies are all built to achieve a client’s KPIs on a daily basis.


Out of home & over the top devices

Linear TV viewership is on the decline and Kingstar Media is accommodating for this change. Our agency has oriented its strategies to help businesses reach their audience where they travel, work, live, shop and watch.

Businesses looking for outdoor and innovative marketing solutions will want to consider our Out of Home marketing services, and advertising solutions designed for over the top (OTT) devices. This refers to internet-connected devices like mobile, smart TVs and gaming consoles.