Pinterest Marketing: Is it Worth Investing in?

August 18, 2022
Pinterest Marketing: Is it Worth Investing in?

Pinterest is full of endless content, making it appealing to advertisers and marketers alike. However, it is important to determine whether it's the correct platform for your business or brand to advertise on. While it has the potential to drive conversions, there are some key factors to consider. There are endless amounts of images, articles, and e-commerce brands to browse, however, for many users it provides an opportunity to interact with like-minded people searching and sharing similar interests.


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There are approximately 431 million active users on Pinterest, 60% of them women. While the number of male users continues to grow, it is still predominantly populated by women. It's also worth noting that many Pinterest users are millennials. The 25-34 age bracket makes up most of Pinterest's user base. With this information in mind, brands would benefit most by appealing specifically to this demographic's preferences.


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Best Objectives

Pinterest isn't just used for making mood boards and recipe cards. Most people use it for content distribution, community building, education, website traffic, and brand awareness.

When creating a Pinterest marketing strategy, it's important to remember that certain objectives are easier to accomplish than others. Pinterest is a good platform for brand awareness and traffic because it is easy to find and share content, but conversions can be tricky to generate. With 75% of users using the app to shop, it's important to find a happy medium between brand awareness and conversion-focused marketing strategies.


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What to Consider Before Investing

Your brand could benefit from Pinterest ads, but there are some key factors to keep in mind.

One of the most important parts of Pinterest marketing (or Pinterest in general) is aesthetics. Is your brand offering something that can be captured in an aesthetically pleasing image or video? Is it a popular item or service? Will it be too niche or too broad to promote on this platform?

Is content creation an option? Looking at what performs well on Pinterest, you'll notice there is a certain pattern that content follows. Typically, the top-performing content includes HD images or videos, few to no faces, and bright colours. While Pinterest ads may not all have a high production value, it doesn't have the same look as the user-generated content on TikTok.

Another important part of Pinterest marketing is organic growth. Pins can be added to boards which increase organic growth and the performance of pins. There are also community boards that users can engage with and contribute to. It's important to monitor engagements to increase brand reputation and build a strong audience.


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Best Practices

Just like any other platform, Pinterest has its own set of rules and guidelines. It's important to understand what pins drive results and what advertising regulations are in place. A few key points to recognize include:

  • Read the TOS and ensure your product or service complies with the rules.
  • Use prominent keywords and hashtags to help improve results.
  • Test rich pins. While they do require a bit of extra work, the additional text provides viewers with important information like live prices and updates to those prices through their inbox.
  • Always include a link to your website and a strong call to action.

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