How To Successfully Advertise To Generation Z

February 11, 2020
How To Successfully Advertise To Generation Z

As the trend of social media and smart devices is slated to continue to grow well into this new decade, it's an easy bet that marketing trends will similarly focus on this burgeoning digital frontier. With a huge amount of the world's population already connected to the online world in some way, advertising in the digital space has proven to be imperative for brands looking to reach and grow their audiences. In fact, even demographics once perceived as slower technologically, such as the elderly and young children, have grown to be savvy internet users, furthering the possibilities of who we can successfully market to through online marketing. As today's younger generations are more astute to new digital advertising tactics, advertising to "Generation Z," is a more unique marketing challenge than to what meets the eye.

What's special about Generation Z is that they grew up surrounded by the new wave of technology as it was blossoming to what it has become today. Generation Z  were around to witness the early stages of the internet and how it eventually grew to what it is today. Jumping from one piece of technology to the next, this generation had technological knowledge ingrained in them from a very young age. Because of this, most of this demographic can usually be reached through digital means.

As most of the generation spends their time online, new paradigms and mediums that have sprouted since the start of the 2000s have proved to be the most successful means of advertising for Generation Z. Few and far between are the days of toy commercials solely on children's TV channels. Today, consumers born after year 2000 are most commonly marketed products and services through content on YouTube and other social media sites. Specifically, influencer marketing, a form of social media marketing that involves endorsements and product placement from people that have amassed their own followings from their content creation, has grown to be a popular method for brands to advertise their products and services in front of audiences that would most likely already be interested.

Notably, for younger demographics, YouTubers such as Ryan's World have proven popular for increasing interest and influence on toys and child products thanks to his content. Just as young Ryan draws his young audience in with content on toys and similar subjects interesting to children, influencers of all sorts build up a level of trust with their audience to which influencer marketing taps into. By having an influencer endorse your product to their audience, prospect sales and brand awareness organically increase based on the influencer-to-audience trust. Other popular means of advertising include podcast sponsoring, social media engagement, and merchandise/clothing brand collaborations.

Since Generation Z grew up with smart technology and the digital age, it's best to explore digital campaigns and influencer marketing as the best means of reaching them. If you're interested in pursuing an advertising campaign, Kingstar Media is Canada's #1 media buying agency with almost two decades worth of experience in both traditional and digital campaigns. Whether you're looking to advertise to Generation Z or any other demographic, Kingstar Media would love to help your brand reach its goals. Contact us here!