How Kingstar Media is Reaching Cord Cutters

August 18, 2022
How Kingstar Media is Reaching Cord Cutters

The term "cord cutters" refers to people who cancel their cable subscriptions and switch to other media providers. This can include streaming services, and other digital on-demand services. The shift affects companies who rely on traditional broadcast marketing because of the decline in viewership, however, the best way to combat this issue is to invest in other forms of response focused advertising.

Kingstar Media has recently invested in new Connected TV platforms to help better serve our partners. Combined with our pre-existing Facebook and Digital Out-of-Home services, we ensure the best performance results possible.

Here are three popular alternatives to traditional broadcast media:

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Connected TV

Connected TV is everywhere, but many people aren't quite sure what it is. Essentially, it's either a digital program embedded in a TV, or a physical device connected to one. Both support streaming content to the user's television to watch on-demand content. Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Xbox are a few examples of this.

Connected TV ads are aired on these streaming services. Similar to traditional television ads, these are unskippable and very short, but are a more immersive experience. Unlike traditional television, there is an algorithm at work to ensure ads are shown to the right audiences. The target audience demographics are chosen to be as broad or narrow as you choose, and interests are based on certain information that aligns with your company's products or services. In some cases, cross-screen advertising is available as well.

This method is best for advertisers looking to reach a trackable audience on the big screen. Connected TV allows for targeting much like a Facebook media buy. By placing a pixel on a site, we are able to map back a site visit to a connected TV ad impression. We are also able to create a retargeting pool of connected TV viewers who saw the ad and did not take action. Our strategy is to then serve these viewers with mid and bottom of funnel display ads.

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Facebook ads are a great way to reach nice target audiences. It allows for lots of testing and gathers an incredible amount of key data. The great thing about Facebook is that it isn't limited to one platform. Of course, there's also Instagram, but Facebook networks allow for any Facebook partner to feature ads. This could include a news site or a phone app.

While Facebook itself is undergoing change and the userbase is slowly shrinking, the number of people converting to Instagram and partner networks is still growing, meaning it is still a high relevant platform with a lot of engagement.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is best for advertisers who want to drive direct to consumer sales at scale. Conversion- and lead-based goals are very easy to achieve after some TOFU and MOFU advertising.

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Digital Out-of-Home

Digital out-of-home ads are great for reaching large audiences at once, outside of the typical home setting. These are usually shown on displays and billboards but offer more leeway with creativity than traditional signage. Digital out-of-home ads allow for interactive advertisements, ads based on weather, and other innovative ways of getting a message across. These also allow for ads in all kinds of unconventional places, such as elevators.

This form of advertising enables mass groups of people to see the right billboard at the right time and allows for multiple ads in a minute. Targeting for these ads is generated by collecting data through mediums such as phone location tags, camera sensors, and door sensors.

Digital out-of-home advertising is a great opportunity for advertisers looking to increase brand awareness by utilizing an impression-based medium.

There are many different ways to combat cord-cutting. Determining the right medium depends on the advertisers' goals and products/services. If you would like some assistance in finding an advertising medium to fit your needs, feel free to contact us at [email protected].