Brands Who Did Black Friday Right

December 08, 2022
Brands Who Did Black Friday Right

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone, but they gave us key insights to prepare for the next big sale date: Boxing Day. Looking back, we can see that some brands applied a strong strategy to their creative to make effective ads. Keep in mind there’s not one formula that fits all brands, but there is something to be learned from the ones who did it right.


1. Lullaband

This style of headphones has been circulating social media virally for a while now which works to Lullaband’s advantage. However, looking solely at this ad, it seems what works for them is the opening line because it’s a cliffhanger. It entices the viewer to watch the rest of the video and learn about the benefits of the product. While the audience does gradually drop off after learning about it, we do see clicks and conversions increase once the promo has been viewed. This video has over 200 comments and over 3,000 shares, so clearly, the ads drove response. 


2. Indigo

Indigo used the classic KISS method. In the first few seconds, they feature their brand, the Black Friday discount, and important disclaimers. Despite the clicks taking a nosedive after that, the people who are intentional in their purchase decision stick around to see what products the discount applies to. Interestingly, Indigo addresses the niche group known as Booktok directly in their ad, showing that they’re aware of who their core niche audience is on TikTok. 


3. Smile Direct Club

This is a product that’s been seen on internet and OOH ads for a while now. Smile Direct Club has clearly done its research to see what works with its audience. The brand effortlessly uses the basics of UGC to market its product in a way that doesn’t affect its TikTok audience’s scrolling experience. It utilizes the format of story-time and unboxing videos – both of which are popular for paid and organic content. Looking at the content of the video, it’s clear that there’s a huge spike at the start. While the video is a bit long by TikTok’s standards, it does show that if the solution is valuable to the viewer and entices them enough, they’ll immediately start moving through the funnel. 


4. Unknown Tights Company

The faux sheer fleece tights have been trending on TikTok since the fall, but they’ve become more prevalent now that winter’s right around the corner. The selling point is that it’s so easy to wear your favourite skirt or dress in the winter. This ad does a great job of selling the product through the UGC style and the GRWM trend, but it fails to mention one key element: The name of the brand. While many may not see it as an issue, some advertisers don’t allow for their ads to be downloaded, and the bookmark icon isn’t readily available like it is with organic content. That means there isn’t much left for brand awareness/recall. The Black Friday sale does drive traffic, but should someone want time to consider the purchase, they may not remember the brand’s name or be able to google it later.


5. The Ridge

Within the first few seconds, The Ridge implies their smart wallet is the ideal gift. They entice the audience by using four reasons why it’s a great gift, rather than why it should be bought. It uses elements from TikTok unboxing videos, features smooth pans and zooms to make it more exciting, and includes simple solutions to everyday problems. They also demonstrate the benefits (i.e., multi-purpose, strength, durability), popular selling points (such as free trials and free shipping), and a variety of colour/design options (since personalization is the new standard for many products).

Looking at these brands, we can gather a few key points. The first is to start the first few seconds of the video with something that will catch the audience’s attention. This can be a cliffhanger, flashy shots, or a promotion. User-generated content or content that otherwise feels organic tends to perform best. These can be trends such as unboxing, GRWM, or some other form of popular content. It is important to always include the branding somewhere in the video. Finally, offer a solution to the audience’s problem.

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