5 Reasons Why Direct-to-Consumer Brands are Rushing to Television

DTC Brands Are Seeing Success On Traditional Television

Nearly $460M entered the US National TV market in Q1 of 2020, from 110 FIRST TIME advertisers across 59 different categories.

Of the new advertisers, 60 Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands across 30+ categories spent $144M+ on national TV.

Entering the TV market early gives young DTC brand a sustainable competitive advantage. The brands see the largest impact and halo effect from a sustained presence on TV over 52 weeks.

TV helps DTC brands establish their name, reputation, and positive perception.

Why do DTC brands go to TV?

1. It is available & accessible. The digitization of supply chains and the growth of eCommerce have rapidly expanded consumer access to products. CPM's on TV are consistently lower than those on Facebook and Instagram.

2. TV creates brand legitimacy. It builds and enhances the reputation and "fame" of the brand while legitimizing the product or services in a premium environment.

3. It is trackable throughout the purchase funnel. With greater measurement and enhanced attribution, TV has shown its ability to drive brand results, awareness, traffic, intent, and sales.

4. The Halo Effect. TV significantly improves the performance and ROI of all other digital channels like search, display, and digital video by fuelling top-of-funnel growth and expanding retargeting pools.

5. Story Telling. The sound, motion, and sight of a 30s spot on the big screen convey brand identity and enable advertisers to engage with consumers in a format that is not possible online.

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