Complex targeting that goes beyond age, gender and location

While demographics such as age, gender, and location are usually enough to suffice for a wider marketing reach, it's just as beneficial to refine targeting to reach more niche groups of people. This act of "funneling down," to the people that would be most likely to buy your product really boils down to a focus on lifestyle. While the demographics can help predict lifestyle choices, it's not always guaranteed to be able to meet the group you really want to reach.

For example, although most physically active people are represented in the age demographic of 18-44, marketing exercise gear to that big of a group might not always be beneficial as only a small percentage of adults are truly active regularly. Instead, focusing on advertising directly on active lifestyle related content such as YouTube videos will act to drive more sales as the audience for that content will already be interested. Specifically, when aiming for an audience, funneling down and reaching out to who would already be interested in your brand and capturing that small audience is just as important as reaching to the top of the funnel and looking to make large audiences interested in your brand. By tapping into niche audiences and lifestyles that are coherent with your brand, companies can improve audience engagement rates and brand awareness much easier.

Another huge element to audience targeting is product practicality. As it usually goes hand-in-hand with the lifestyle criteria, practicality is a rather simple idea to grasp for audience targeting. To sum it up, a rather simple example would be marketing horse saddles. To most marketers, marketing a rather niche item such as horse saddles would only make sense if you're marketing it to horse owners. Marketing horse saddles to car owners logically wouldn't make any sense since there's no real need for the product there at all. In short, horse saddles aren't practical for people without horses, so there's no need to spend money on a wide-reaching marketing campaign for mass amounts of people. In comparison, marketing items with a wider purpose will benefit from a mass distribution campaign. Really, product practicality is all about asking the questions of who will buy your product and why and marketing either directly or widely to said audiences.

By investing time into discovering the lifestyle and practicality criteria for audience targeting, companies can better improve their brand image and marketing strategies. Through proper research, marketers can use both demographics and complex targeting techniques to gain a better understanding of the coherent groups that surround a brand. If you're interested in pursuing a marketing campaign with detailed and accurate audience targeting, contact us at Kingstar Media by clicking here.