The Rise in Audio Platforms

As smart devices had already helped bring about the shift from physical media to digital media, the further expansion of the digital marketplace called for a more prevalent move into streaming media. With 100.4 million global subscribers, music streaming platforms in specific have risen to the top of audio distribution. Unique to this new paradigm, platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and its competitors help promote music artists through the creation of a user's listener profile, a behind the scenes type of calculator that pulls and suggests similar music based off the user's preference. Considering culture's already reliance on music and audio, music streaming platforms puts millions of songs at the ready with the touch of a finger at the cost of a low monthly fee, proving its worth and popularity in this digital age.

Another recent trend in the streaming audio platform is Podcasting. With various types of Podcasts, ranging from educational to storytelling, streaming audio's answer to radio talk shows have amassed a giant audience over the years. While it's still in its early stages of becoming professionalized, Podcasting is organized through three different means of production: individual content creators and/or content creation groups, Podcast production studios, and other media production studios such as media licensing companies and record labels. The huge array of podcasts seems to account for every niche interest, with more and more independent Podcasts sprouting every day. At 67 million monthly listeners, this wide reach of content creation allows for massive appeal to all sorts of demographics, making the Podcasting audience one of the largest and most diverse within the digital marketplace.

With cultures so closely tied to smart devices and being connected online, the digital marketplace has placed high importance on audio streaming platforms due to their popularity and wide reach across different audiences. Because of this appeal, advertising companies and their clients have benefited greatly through audio streaming ad placings. Here at Kingstar Media, our years of experience in direct response radio advertising have helped us transition and successfully expand into digital media and streaming advertising, offering many tips on how to do so on our news posts.

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