Direct Response Media Buying Agency

Kingstar Media is a top Canadian TV Advertising Agency. We offer three DRTV (Direct Response Television) advertising solutions:

Short-Form DRTV: 15, 30, 60 or 120-second commercial space. Effective for introducing and selling new products, generating leads and building brands. Short-Form DRTV also provides a more economical entry into DRTV because they are less expensive to produce and cost less to air.

Long-Form DRTV: 15, 30, 45 or 60-minute programming. While this is the older and more traditional infomercial model, it still presents benefits. Complex products with a higher price point and more features benefit from long-form infomercials. The additional time provides an opportunity to tell the full story, share the unique attributes of the product and build brand credibility.

French DRTV: According to Statistics Canada , almost 25% of Canada’s population live in homes where French is the primary language. If a marketer plans to maximize sales opportunities in Canada, it is essential to create a French- language component for their campaigns. Kingstar has the experience to seamlessly produce and distribute French direct response commercials.

TV Advertising in Canada

The media mix in Canada is fragmented. Consumers typically use multiple devices and consume radio, digital, print, out-of-home and TV media in both French and English. Even with multiple touchpoints, TV Advertising in Canada remains the best way to reach a mass audience. TV advertisements provide brand recognition, value and uniqueness to a product or brand.

TV is an essential component of direct response marketing because it provides a platform for engagement that cannot be replicated across any other medium. If you are looking to buy TV Advertising in Canada, it is important to consult a TV Advertising Agency that will maximize ROI and minimize wasted spend.

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