Direct Response Advertising Agency

Kingstar Media is Canada’s premier Direct Response Advertising Agency. The industry itself is barely 20 years old and Kingstar Media was there from the beginning with the pioneers of the industry. From Guthy Renker to Beachbody to the NutriBullet and Power Juicer, from Trivago to to Wayfair, and many other DRTV leaders worldwide, the #1 choice for a Direct Response Advertising Agency in Canada is Kingstar Media. We have the winning campaigns to prove it and the dedicated team to take your product or service to the top in the Canadian market.

Canadian Advertising Agency

Kingstar Media IS the #1 Canadian Advertising Agency in Direct Response based in Canada. Located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District, Kingstar Media seamlessly connects with the country’s leading media content providers. It is the only Canadian Advertising Agency that commits millions of dollars annually to long-term, 52-week contracts. This provides the most efficient media in English and French markets across multiple platforms from traditional Radio and TV to digital media. With a performance-driven database of thousands of products and services, Kingstar Media is YOUR #1 Choice for partner and YOUR Canadian Advertising Agency.